About Idiot UK Drivers Exposed


Our mission, and yours if you choose to join us, is to shame the idiots using our UK roads.

We’ve all been there. You’re happily pootling along, minding your own business, driving like an absolute pro, when some moron who shouldn’t be behind the wheel careers into your life and ruins your whole day.

Thankfully we now live in a world where the internet can share your frustration. Since February 2014 we’ve been shouldering your pain, giving you a safe place to watch clips of other idiots and, thanks to all your submissions, we’re now an impressive online community of disgruntled drivers.
What a time to be alive.

It all began when, as a 24 year old professional HGV driver travelling up and down the country on a daily basis, I myself would encounter all kinds of reckless driving. I set up the Facebook page to expose the bad drivers I came across and the page grew to the site you see today. We now accept contributed videos and share and upload dashcam footage from around the UK.

Since its launch Idiot Uk Drivers Exposed has reached out to over 40 million people, and our average audience is around 10 million a month and growing. We are also in contact with the various police forces across the country and have helped convict drivers who are too dangerous to be on the road.
We like to think we’re just quietly doing our bit to make the Great British roads that bit safer.