Accident caught on Dashcam!!

Fb Credit: Tracy Gannon

As some of you are aware, yesterday morning my learner (Emily was driving) and I were involved in a traffic collision (I’m not calling it an “accident” because the f****g d**k knew what he was doing)
My dash cam footage (& the photos in comments) explains it all really – the silver BMW was travelling at excessive speed as he came off a roundabout….because he wouldn’t stop for the police!!!

My car has been written off. I’m absolutely devastated! Despite some major & minor bruising, scrapes, wrist in a splint, pulled muscles, aches and pains, surprisingly we were able to walk away, HOW…I’m not so sure! Our guardians angels were definitely working over time yesterday! I’m not going to lie, it’s really shaken me personally, more than I expected and I’m sure Emily even more! I’m proud of Emily, she handled it well and we will both come back fighting.

Cleveland police and fire service couldn’t have been more thorough or more supportive.

Thank you to Neil & Emily’s mom & stepdad, for all the kind messages from my friends, from former & current students and from my supportive driving instructor buddies!

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