Dangerous Young Moped rider attempts wheelie and fails spectacularly!

That’ll teach him! Dangerous biker tailgating and pulling wheelies falls and crashes into his friend in the middle of a busy road

This is the moment a dangerous biker got what he deserved when he fell off while pulling wheelies in the middle of a busy road.
The motorcyclist was tailgating a car with his two biker friends in Leeds.
The trio repeatedly changed speed and pulled wheelies as they fought their way through the traffic.

After speeding through a junction, one attempted a wheelie but lost control of his bike and crashed into his friend, sending him flying to the ground.
Both bikers were unhurt and got back on their bikes.
Chris Jay, who caught the footage on his dashcam, said: ‘The clip gave me a good laugh as it was funny to see this show-off fall on his face.

‘Luckily no-one was injured – but if they had been, the footage could have shown anyone what really happened.
‘Nowadays you see a lot of reckless drivers like these bikers on UK roads so it’s important to protect yourself.’

Richard Browning, Director at Nextbase, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Dash Cams commented: ‘Although this clip is initially funny, it goes to show some of the dangers present on UK roads.
‘What if those bikers had hit another vehicle and caused a serious accident?
‘Reckless driving like this happens all too often and Dash Cams can help protect drivers like Chris if an accident occurs.
‘Of course, they can also capture some of the more unusual moments that happen on the road.’

Credits: http://www.nextbase.co.uk
Video Footage: Chris Jay

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