Idiot Driver cuts in front of HGV and slams on his brakes – and gets rear-ended THREE times!!

Credit/Link  fatgit47  Dave Walker

Dramatic dashcam footage shows a driver appearing to ‘teach a trucker a lesson’ by breaking sharply in front of him – but his foolhardy manoeuvre backfires and the 44-tonne lorry slams into his rear end three times.

The video starts with trucker Dave Walker moving into the middle lane of the M62 near Leeds to let traffic in off the slip road.

A red Mazda then slows down to let him back into the inside lane.

But something off camera infuriates another red car motorist, and a Honda speeds up alongside the lorry on its left-hand side.

This forces 59-year-old Dave to stay in the middle lane while the driver undercuts him.

Then, with no other traffic nearby, the Honda breaks sharply. Dave interpreted it as the driving trying to ‘get back at him’. 

The move backfires as Dave is unable to slow down in time so bumps into the back of the car.

As both pull over onto the hard shoulder the frustrated Honda driver brakes again.

Dave slams into the back of the car two further times before they final come to a stop.

he grandad-of-one said: ‘This clever dick is a young fella, and to be fair to him I was probably a cocky thing myself back in the day, and at that age you don’t think you can do anything wrong.

‘We all make mistakes but that wasn’t a mistake it was done on purpose, it was ridiculous.

‘The guy clearly decided “I’m going to teach that driver a lesson,” ‘ added the truck driver with 40 years experience.

Dave, from Selby, North Yorkshire, said ‘in the worst case scenario someone could get killed.

‘Drivers like this are not only putting themselves at risk, but also the truck driver.’

He rang the police immediately but claims the officers who attended the scene did nothing and were not even interested in looking at the footage.

Superintendent Vince Firth of the Bradford District, said: ‘We were called to reports of a road traffic collision on the M62 east bound at 1.45pm on Wednesday 27 July.

‘No one was seriously injured during the incident. Officers attended and spoke to both parties.

Since then one of the individuals involved has raised concerns about how we handled it and we have contacted him and given him the opportunity to present footage filmed of the incident to investigators which will be reviewed.

‘If our service has fallen below our usual high standards then we will look to put that right as soon as possible.’

Dave said: ‘Most truck drivers deal with this on a daily basis – some people just don’t want us on the roads.’

He has passed his video to his bosses to show to the insurance company.  

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