Idiot Van Driver Caught On Dash Cam

Here is a video of a white transit van overtaking me as I slowed for a red light at Broadmoor Cross on the A477, eastbound in Pembrokeshire on 3rd November. Obviously red lights do not apply to this driver as he simply jumps it. This van had been continuously and aggressively tailgating me all the way from Pembroke Dock regardless of whether I was held up by traffic or travelling at 60mph, as I had been doing in the last few miles before these lights. The limit for a van of this class on single-carriageway roads is 50mph so he had been travelling at least 10mph over its limit. Another point that make this driver a dangerous idiot is that this particular set of traffic lights were installed as a result of fatalities on this junction caused by speeding traffic. The A477 is the main route through Pembrokeshire to and from the Pembroke -Ireland Ferry Terminal.

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