Merc Driver with Rage.

This video shows an incident from a few weeks ago. Watch all the way through. Merc Driver with Rage.

The other driver has a slight right to be pissed off as there was an element of misjudgement at the 2 mini roundabouts, and he was pulled out in front of a bit, one of those moves where given the time again you might have reconsidered if it was actually as safe to go as you initially thought, the kind of thing that someone else does to you on almost every drive.

The Merc was not on the other roundabout when I entered my roundabout, I either misjudged the distance, or based on the following display, he covered the 25 meters much faster than you’d normally expect.

His behavior following that though can only be described as considerable over reaction.

The long and angry horn blast is fair enough, but there is a line somewhere after that which he’s crossed showing him to be someone with an almost uncontrollable rage issue.

He concerned me, I suspect your average mum or old person would have needed new pants.

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