Road Rage on the M1 Motorway UK. Idiot car driver causes accident.

At 1min 10Sec, Skip then to 2Min 14 Sec)

I nearly hit this Idiot when he undertook me on the M1, I gave him the w***ker sign, he gave me the middle finger in return . We both just carried on our journey, He then slammed his brakes on and stopped on the slip road, I was lucky no cars didn’t crash into the back of me, You can see what is happening in the video. I just ignored this Idiot and let him rant on. I carried on with my Journey, the Idiot then indicated and pulled into a layby that has a sandwich van, when I was about to drive past him he pulled back out and braked, I hit the back of him. Thank god I’d got a dashcam.

The police officer was surprised when he saw the footage. The officer made him watch the video too, The officer then asked him to join him in the back of his police car.

The driver of the blue Vauxhall admitted he was at fault and his insurance paid out to fix the car involved. The Police however only gave the driver a Warning.

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