Winter Weather Tips

Antifreeze vs. Scraper.

We know that winter’s depressing but if you give your car a little check up before the worst of the weather hits you might find it’s not so bad. Stock up on antifreeze so you’re prepared for the inevitable first morning when your car’s frozen and you have to trudge out in the dark to defrost it. Either that or buy a pair of canny little mittens and a scraper. But Antifreeze is the slightly cooler option.

Clear your windscreen.

Don’t drive off like a tank-commander, with a tiny hole cleared in the windscreen. Clear all windows properly before you set off or risk a fine. You’ll want to make sure there isn’t an avalanche-waiting-to-happen on your roof too. Otherwise you run the risk of it all falling off a few miles down the road and either blocking your view or that of another driver.

Watch your speed & stopping distance.

When the roads are wet and icy your stopping distances are up to 10 times longer than they were in summer, when life was better and you were young and carefree and confident you could stop a car in an emergency. Bear that in mind and adjust your speed accordingly.

Consider your battery.

Your car’s battery might struggle to get going on a cold winter’s morning. We all know the feeling so be considerate and don’t try to start it with your lights on, stereo on, heated windows and seats on… Your car is much less likely to start if it’s all lit up like Christmas.

Winter Weather Tips

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